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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. at 6:00 the former stanford swimmer accused of a brutal attack on campus is a few hours away from the first court appearance. >> relief for the congested bay area commute and we have the new ferry going into service this morning. >> what a game. tom brady makes it three at super bowl at the patriots win the first super bowl in a decade all coming down to the controversial final play. >> heartbreak for some. elation for others. the way the super bowl should be >> i am eric thomas and leyla gulen will have traffic and meteorologist mike nicco is our super bowl weather and we may get rain. >> we may get rain. maybe you can drive the truck out here and deliver it to the
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personally i am sure he gave the mv pulitzer prize to the high -- mvp prize. today, high clouds and sun and above average and low-to-mid 60 at coast and up to 70 for the rest of us. >> they did not have the same guy who presented bumgarner with the pickup truck. that was fun. >> i was very happy. >> i am happy for our drivers. it look like it is empty at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza. from richmond into the north bay you are in good shape into san jose and that drive is looking heavier as we look to 280 with the headlights to cupertino and we are accident free. >> 6:01 a new option for north bay commuters who do not want to drive to san francisco and an
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extra ride on the waves? amy hollyfield is at the larkspur ferry terminal with the details. >> if you missed 8:20 ferry in larkspur or if it is too crowded you have another option. though are adding an 8:40 ferry because demand is so high that the three ferries that depart during the peak hours always sell out and the backup buses they added are very crowded. officials decided to try this, a how ferry trip that is definitely needed. >> it is included. they are. not so much our time because we have the bus in the morning but it is always the same but the ferries are getting more and more packed. >> they will cancel the everflow -- overflow buses holding 448 passengers on the ferry. they try it for nine months and
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reevaluate. thanks amy. a former stanford swimmer accused of raping a drunk woman on campus is expected in court. two bicyclist saw brock turner on top of an unconscious woman in a field and turn are tried to run away but they chased him down and held him until the police arrived. turner and the woman said they were drinking at a party. turner said he was trying to "hookup." he will be arraigned on felony counts in palo alto court. >> man accused of leashing a dismembered body found if a site case in san francisco is expected to pick his first court appearance. mark andrus was taken into custody on friday. security camera footage shows him in the area where the dismembered body was dumped near 11th and application. a passerby discovered the suitcase with a headless torso. body parts were found in two nearby garbage cans and the
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coroner is working to identify the body. >> they are trying to determine if someone set port-a-potty on fire in the south of market area. cell phone video shows the fire after it started near an on-ramp to the bay bridge. a man captured this video of flames at a construction site before 2:00 p.m. and says the flames started to claim up the side ofabling but firefighters concept them from videoing into the building. >> police are making a new appeal to help find the persons who murdered a highly respected oakland people. hundreds left plow we ares and notes at the vigil yesterday morning. two men robbed and shot him as he hiked up the preserve back in november. police have released sketches of the two suspects, one to his 20 with dread lobs -- dead brooks
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-- dreadlocks and the other add tall and overweight. >> there are people watching this who know who did this. >> $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> there is a winter storm across the nation. sfo is getting word that 36 flights into and out of the airport have been canceled. oakland and san jose international airport are seeing only a small number of scans layings for each according to flight aware. flights already are canceled for tomorrow and wednesday. many are issuing we we waivers to allow passengers to change flights without a fee. >> turning now to the super bowl and the sports world is buzzing about the last second interception that sealed the victory for the patriots and denied a repeat win for the seahawks.
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>> he gets it at the belgian. that is butler. unreal. >> everyone was stunned. russell wilson picked off by a rookie and that is the game. 28-24, tom brady wins the third mvp and the 4th super bowl. tom brady was jumping for joy. now from arizona. we are reporting from arizona. >> good morning to you. >> good morning yes, quite a game a lot of bleary patriot fan across the country this morning. despite the controversy of deflate-gate and the shadow that it cast over the super bowl the patriots decided to take it out on the peeled and settle the issue in front of a world stage.
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>> it was the most exciting super bowls in history, a last minute interception stealing a win for the new england patriots over the seahawks, the reigning champions. >> the game winning interception got the victory for the patriots and a 4th super bowl ring for tom brady. >> unbelievable and malcolm made the play of the year to save our season so it took everyone from the first guy to the last guy. >> after weeks of controversy offer deflate-gate plans are savoring the victory although a scuffle on the field left upset fans of both teams. the president chimed in to congratulate the team tweeting "congratulations to the patriots on the super bowl title on to the white house." >> for seahawk fans it will be a long trip become on monday an air of defeat took over the town
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and the stadium which appears to be filled with more seahawk finances than patriot finances. -- fans. >> it is tough to process. i hate to lose. that is what it comes down to. >> sizzling half time show by katy perry who performed hits with special guests. >> it is not just a super bowl title that the patriots are walking around with to get the bling of the super bowl ring and each is walking away with $96,000 each for winning. thanks, now the newspapers more are they covering it? in seattle "deflated." stunning goal line get a history making have repeat. >> here is "boston globe"
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reading "return to glory patriots brush aside adversity and scanture super bowl for first time in a deck aid." a beaming tom brady is on the cover hoisting the lombardi trophy. >> super bowl 49 is in the books the focus towns to super bowl 50 next year, levi stadium in santa clara, matt keller will prius that before bring us that story at 6:30. >> meteorologist mike nicco eat a bunch. >> did you? >> did you confess? >> i was part of "team eat." didn't have a dog in the fight. >> 50 in milpitas. people at my parties length job >> campbell and cupertino the cool spots at 42 and 51 if alameda and san pablo and half moon bay at 43 degrees and same
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if lafayette and novato and danville is the cool spot at 39 and brentwood at 45. in san jose, 87 near the shark tank day planner next 12 hours 38 to 54 microclimate in morning. low-to-mid 60's and mid-60's to 70's for the rest us and at 7:00 mid-to-upper 50's. fog is not in san rafael and it may not. we will have fog and cooler weather through wednesday and look what happens on thursday, with the rest of the rain in the seven-day forecast. >> the tom toll plaza is getting busy and we have 15 bart trains on time and that will be a 15-minute delay from the east bay if you take to the car into san francisco. walnut creek southbound building out of pleasant hill to walnut creek at highway 24 and that is the drive at highway 24 from lafayette to orinda clear and top speed into the caldecott
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tunnel and to the west into oakland and emeryville we are seeing heavy buildups along 580 pushing to the maze at 12 miles per hour at the bay bridge toll plaza and i-80 is looking clear with a couple of spots of slowing through berkeley but if you come in from highway 4 a pocket of slowing in san pablo things out at the hoffman split and you thin out at albany. >> next, super bowl hangover a big slow down expected at offices across the country today. >> the lone star state is honoring snipers would live is depicted in "american sniper." stay tuned.
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning. it is now 6:14. monday morning. we look at traffic on 680 and walnut creek where you are seeing southbound getting heavy and checking in with laying in a few minutes to see ray bout your commute. more news, new details about the 21-year-old daughter of whitney houston and bobbi brown who was face down and unresponsive in a
6:15 am
bathtub on saturday. officials say bobbi kristina brown is in a medically induced coma in atlanta. her husband was performing cpr in the bath program when police arrived and officers served a search warrant and said no drugs were found in the open. her mother whitney houstons drowned in a bathtub at the beverly hills hotel three years ago. >> today, texas is honoring the late navy seals would lifer is depicted in "american sniper." the governor has declared today "chris kyle day," in texas. he was from texas and killed in 2013. he is considered to be the most deadly sniper in united states military history. we the movie has earned $250 million since opening and set a new record for a movie on super bowl weekend. >> president obama will unveil a $4 trillion budget today that will focus in part on 96ing -- fixing the highways proposing a
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$478 billion program to repair and upgrade roads and bridges to pay for half of the program the president will and for a new 100 time 14 percent corporate tax on foreign profits already earned. the other half would be paid for with current gas taxes. analysts believe the proposal is the president's opening offer to lawmakers hoping to overall the corporate tax code. >> in japan people are honoring kenji goto and calling for change after the beheading at the hands of extremives and stood in peaceful silence to pay respects. they want the japanese government to change the policy so people cannot be used as pawns in a terrorist game. today could be rough in the office even if you do not live in seattle. day after the have been is one of the least productive days at work each year. it is a two-fold program: a lot of people call in sick. second, those who do come to work are not at their best. a 2008 study recovered 1.5
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million 8 call in sick today and the study revealed that 4.4 million will come in late. to make it worst, those would do show up spend most of the day talking about the game or their peter rather than working. >> no end in sight for the wicked weather and punxsutawney phil has seen his shadow predying six more weeks of winter with forecasters hoping he would provide relief on groundhog day the 129th prediction. >> new video showing what not to do when it is snowing from abc7 news sister station wxyz in detroit with a camera on the roads in the suburb of warren and they captured a driver towing a person on skis. this happened while the anchors were on the phone with the mayor to talk about the snowy conditions. >> the mayor was outraged and said he hoped the driver would get a ticket. he got his wish. an officer spotted the driver or
6:18 am
perhaps tracked him down and cited hip. what do you think would happen if the truck stop suddenly? >> skies don't have brakes. >> slam. >> dam slam. >> six more weeks of winter, bring it on, we need the rain. >> now, we have fog in santa rosa and half mile visibility for you and three-quarters in napa. everyone else is doing okay but this time tomorrow most of us are dealing where fog and you can see live doppler hd void of precipitation right new. we do have low clouds along 101 we but right now they are saying all flights are on time for monday morning and you can see the traffic 680 headed southbound at 24 connection no fog in walnut creek but tomorrow you will. today is groundhog day and we will have the same weeks ago,
6:19 am
above average today. high clouds and sunshine. fog returns tonight leading to milder lows and sightly cooler conditions the next couple of days and the coolest of the weather when the storm door opens. it looks good thursday through monday. today, we have 70's around santa rosa and napa and fairfield and concord and livermore and palo alto and san jose and morgan hill and a lot of upper 60 elsewhere. tonight, look at the fog much remain wither and up to ten degrees in some areas with mid-40's to 50. you can clearly see where the jet stream is a bunch of from vancouver to eureka where it will stay. on thursday, though watch how it dips lower north bay chance on thursday and taking it lower all the way down to the san mateo bridge on friday and saturday and all us are getting rain by this cop purity model
6:20 am
and sunday is looking dry and monday, another system comes through and brings us another possible chance of rain and the atmosphere sets up and notice where it will be, to the north and you are getting the end of the system and a couple of ins of rain absolutely and we take it even if it is on the weekend. the seven-day forecast shows today is probably the last day for 70's and we are in the mid-to-upper 60's tomorrow and and low-to-upper 60's on wednesday and rain not weekend. >> the big story this morning is concession. it is get, thicker near the macarthur maze and the drive coming from emeryville and berkeley is going to slow down approaching the 580 interchange. as you continue to the bay bridge toll plaza we have a 15-minute delay head the from the maze to san francisco. in other areas of the bay area it is quiet but for one incident at highway 37 in sonoma where a car went down the embankment not
6:21 am
causing any delays eastbound and westbound highway 37 and those delays are east of the point. as we take you along 101 from petaluma, we are at continue speeds until you get closer to 116 and you are at 32 miles per hour slow and go and as we track weather and traffic together the area is shaded in orange where fog could affect the commute and not affecting the speeds at 64 miles per hour between santa rosa and marin park. it is now 6:21, homeowners would use airbnb in san francisco from new rules they have to follow starting today. first, oscar sunday is a few weeks away so why are all the nominees getting together today? >> but first, a picture of the golden gate bridge and traffic is moving fine with no fog worries. weather is traffic during the entire commercial break.
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>> an alameda health center part of safety net is in crisis this morning. even with increased fund available under the affordable care action the number of patients is plummeting. serious problems have been identified at nonprofit runs seven sites in berkeley and emeryville and oakland. patients are worried. >> what will happen with me and my family? how can i new accept or have any kind of medical resources? >> the scandal is getting answers from the man in charge and digs into the federal reports to show you the problems and what is be done to save the health center. that is tonight at abc7 news at
6:25 am
11 next. >> ambulances transported 100 patients from ucfs campus at mount thy ron to -- thy ron center including newborns and the intensive care unit at the children's hospital. >> we went from a very small shared environment to our own private quarters. it is very nice. very, very comfortable for us as parents. >> we feel trick. it has been ten years in the coming and the planning and construction and we are delighted this day is finally occurred. >> they continue to serve patients at both the facilities. >> today, rare pictures of the beatles and rolling stone never seen before coming from the archives and the tour manager for both bands show a new
6:26 am
ungarred side of the legends during the british invasion, 30 pictures up on ebay starting today. more photos will go up for action later. >> oscar sunday is here before you know it and today the stars will be getting together for lunch. >> the academy is hosting a special lunch at the beverly hilton in their honor. broadly keep -- broadly cooper and clint eastwood and open pray are on the list with their movies up for best picture. >> we are the oscar station and you can watch the awards and the red carpet arrives and oscar parties on sunday february 22 right here. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top story. >> you saw katy perry at the half time show last night be right, with dancing sharks? see what happens after the
6:27 am
fireworks. >> i am in santa clara on to super bowl 50, the next big game is held here in santa clara and at levi stadium they are showing off ahead. >> on former stanford athlete accused of rape appears in court facing five felonies and what three and the victim are telling police. >> on groundhog day i track the fog and warmer than average tells. there is a chance of rain. a couple of chances. >> in the traffic center, that is walnut creek out of pleasant hill with the drive taking you 11 minutes to make it to highway 24 and it is quiet as far as traffic accident as but we have plenty of congestion.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:30. a look at embarcadero, the gorgeous ferry building and the bay bridge. it look like a lovely shot. a nice way to start the week. thank you for joining us. eric thomas here. mike will have more on the wet forecast. >> let's look at live doppler hd our thickest fog is in the north bay. out in the central valley half mile at napa and also in santa rosa. we will look from the exploritorium camera at ten miles per hour wind blowing across the bay so not bad for ferry ride. there are temperatures, low-to-mid 60's at coast and even 70s inland and around the bay. >> i would say that is worth the wait. thank you, mike. hopefully not too much waiting on the roads. >> there is. i am sorry to say. we do have a new ferry that amy
6:31 am
hollyfield will tell us more about in a few minutes. the macarthur maze shows heavy traffic with not too many accidents. mostly congestion. we thought post super bowl everyone would sleep in. not so. >> happening today a former stanford swim are accused of raping an unconscious woman on campus is expected in court. the 19-year-old brock turner was arrested two weeks ago. our reporter is in the newsroom with more. >> town are said he met the woman at a party and admitted they everyone kits asking hookup and says they did not have sex. the woman told police she was intoxicate asked does not remember much but did not consent to any sexual activity. >> turner is arraigned today at 9:00 a.m. at santa clara county court in palo alto and what happened the morning of january 18 is detailed in a 50 page
6:32 am
police report. two students on bicycles say at 1:00 o'clock a.m. they spotted turner on top of a half naked woman and they tackled when when he tried to run he denies the rich allegation and this happened in a field near a fraternity house. he faces five felonies including attempted rape. if convicted he could face 10 years in prison. the former student athlete is originally from ohio. he was a freshman at stanford. he withdrew from the university after being accused of a crime. he is not allowed on campus. this will enthe purse court appearance. >> happening now, 400 union of workers the at refinery in martinez are on strike. they are taking part in a nationwide walk out by united steelworkers in california texas and kentucky. 30,000 members are striking after contract talks broke down over the weekend. union workers say working conditions and staffing are
6:33 am
unsafe. the refinery says they made a fair contract offer and will continue to negotiate in good faith. analysts say gas prices could go up in the immediate future but that should fade when traders realize the strike impacts only a small number of the refineries. >> happening today teacher ms. oakland at cleveland elementary will join a forecast over working conditions. teachers will show up to work but not stay after school hours to grade papers or plan lessons. teachers will protest until they get a new contract with better pay. >> short term rentals who use airbnb have to follow new rules because of a new airbnb law only a primary resident can be represented. the owner must live in the home for three-quarters of the year. they have to register with the city which could be the big of the change for property owners.
6:34 am
>> the app is here you click and there is no paperwork so far. it is just another process they have to go through. >> the success of airbnb has spawned relate companies like pillow helping property owners would may not want or cannot host but still want to rent out their place. >> new england patriot fans are celebrating after winning the 4th super bowl title with 28-24 victory over the seahawks two bay area natives were major factors, san mateo dome brady earns the third super bowl mvp award toss, four passes 20 seconds to go and see amount a yard away from the end zone and retaking the lead, butler picked off russell wilson in thed zone and final score was
6:35 am
28-24 patriots. four super bowl wins and three mvps puts brady up this with another well-known quarterback name joe montana. now that super bowl 49 is hype us fans are looking forward to super bowl 50 which will be played right here in the bay area. fans got a taste of things last night with our report at leaf stadium in santa clara. matt? >> yes who is ready for more football after the great game or another game? we will not have it for another year at levi stadium. 9 super bowl 50 will be played here. the countdown is on. we have a long time until we see regular season football but super bowl 50 is the next big one february 7, 2016. signs are up around the stadium last night bragging about the big game. the scoreboard shows the super bowl 50 logo, with arizona super bowl host committee handing off super bowl into to the bay area
6:36 am
during a sermon on saturday and during the broadcast bay area celebrities highlighted the fundraising effort. >> the want add bay area stamp and that is that the game and the activities surrounding the game should benefit the bay area for years to come. >> 25 cents for doze charity and others have raised $40 million and beyond that organizers say super bowl 50 will offer a wide range of activities and the nfl experience is held with events through the bay area lead up to the game and details are unveiled in the next two months. which teams are most likely to play in super bowl 50? sports booked have released the odds for the big game and the seahawks are listed as the favorite followed by the patriots and 49ers 25-1 to win
6:37 am
the super bowl in their home stadium and the raiders are long shots at 300-1. it is 6:37 a new option for north bay commuters getting into san francisco and a new look at the ferry run about to hit the water. >> we told you gas prices could be going up and a new report reveals how fill up the pump. >> at traffic center, i am leyla gulen and our camera shows sunnyvale with the traffic when we return.
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>> all right, it is official.
6:40 am
first time since 1850, ever that we kept records in san francisco we have had absolutely no measurable rain in january which is the second wettest month. zero. 2014. 2013. the last three years in the top file of the most dry winters ever. san jose at .302, the dry of the ever. looking around the state all rain will be to the north upper 60's through the central valley and a look at seven-day forecast for lake you want snow? yes! friday saturday, and sunday. >> leyla gulen? >> we are in sunnyvale traveling along and we have clear conditions and headed into the unable to you are living in the south bay as i turn this around you can see traffic is hype us and the maps show we have traffic here and that is staying
6:41 am
if san jose 101 at 880 traffic is building headed up to the san jose airport and all in all the rest of san jose south bay moving along at top speed with the exception of driver interest morgan hill it is slow. >> what happened when you combine fireworks and dancing stars and a giant mechanical lion or tiger? ♪ you are gonna hear me ♪ >> the super bowl half time show. we show how singer katy perry celebrated the spectacle after the game. >> and day in the know with abc7 and a picture of traffic on the san mateo bridge. tail lights headed west to the foster city side.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. in oakland over the seen of san leandro street where we have a warehouse fully engulfed. firefighters have struck a second alarm. they are fight this defensively but you can see with the ladders they are getting water on the roof. we hear of a possible wall or roof collapse and oakland firefighters are busy right there, fighting the battle this oakland on san leandro street. it looks like the roof has collapsed and they are keeping the flames in spreading to other buildings with the aerial equipment spraying water. the fight means that the firefighters had to pull back out of the builting and hope too keep it status quo. again, we have not heard any reports of injuries but it is
6:45 am
early so we democrat have reports of what may have caused this. we know that it is now a multiple alarm fire which oakland has struck a second alarm that should bring more equipment here shortly. >> for those unfamiliar with oakland, the 10000 block of solano tremendous street is at 105th avenue the intersection right there the can you see the streets will be closed in the area so avoid it if you can so the firefighters can continue the battle. >> burn really hot. however there is white smoke which means that firefighters may be gaining the upper hand or maybe the fire is just running out of fuel at this point. that is what a defensive fire is all about so the place does not find another area to scan fire
6:46 am
and absorb few. a factor is always what the winds of doing. >> we have a light wind from southeast to northwest at six miles per hour. that is why the smoke is moving to the left of the screen because of highlight breeze. expect to be inundated with spoke northwest of the building. >> you may notice in the wider shots the building, the warehouse, is surrounded by 15 lines and power lines so it is possible that folks in this area could be without power this morning while the fire burns while pg&e turns things off. i wonder if i am seeing 9 power lanes burning. it looks like there could be some... >> it is very close to the bart tracks and you and probably see if we pull out within a block of the intersection and there are
6:47 am
but stations so it is busy at san leandro and 105th but you will want to stay away from there as firefighters battle the warehouse fire. so the power may be off or power lines may have burned. do you notice the actual flames are less than when we took this shot a couple of americans ago? it look as if the firefighters are getting upper hand and the building is a toilet loss. >> we will check out the business news with jane king. is there truth that wall street trading is slower the monday after the super bowl? jane? good morning to you. it is a quiet start today. maybe there is. we have the dow at the moment up
6:48 am
18 points and s&p 500 up two and nasdaq is down by seven. it is calm the super bowl hangover, the monday after the super bowl activity in the financial markets is said to be lighter but is it true? sometimes it is true if the giants are in the game there was lighter value or a really close game and that was a nail biter. prices at the pump could double by the end of the year, double according to former president of shell oil would say drilling is slowed down since the prices have been falling so less sly. mastercard says they americans stocking the saving away. >> apple mad a report high in at $120 above the high of 1975 in november and came a day after apple reported record-breaking quarterlily results.
6:49 am
maybe j day has empire state of mind and made an offer for a digital movie company that operates a streaming music company with high resolution audio equal to a cd and offered $56 million for the company and charged $20 a month. thank you, jane. >> now, the fire burning in oakland, and it is heating back up a little bit and we saudi minutished flames the last time we saw this shot a couple of minutes ago but in the corners you can see flames are back up and there are power lines surrounding this business, this warehouse so we wonder if they may have been shut off or burned down because we do not see lights on the street or lights in the building. >> this is close to bart tracks but right now bart is not guy us
6:50 am
any indication of service interruption. >> how are winds? meteorologist mike nicco? >> they are light at six miles per hour in the southeast. watch out for poor air quality. we are in the moderate quality and pushing us into the unhealthy category for those most success impacted. >> milder lows tomorrow. storms are possible tuesday through monday. how about upper 60's to increasely 70 for most of us and san rafael is behind it at 55 miles per hour. and look at fog everyone is getting touched by it and we are ten degrees warmer with mid-40's to low 50's. on wednesday nothing is going on but thursday cross the north bay a chance of rain and friday is sinking into the heart of the bay and saturday right now looks to be the best for
6:51 am
rain. the atmospheric river will set to the north and possibility of 1-2 inches of rain in the north bay. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures by then are back in the low-to-mid 60s. >> back to our mobile camera to check out what is happening. you can see traffic as we make the commute toward the north. very light conditions not too late open san mateo bridge and our maps show very heavy conditions as you make it over the water to the peninsula it will take you 12 minutes ask main more, closer to 15 and we still have this action with an extra accident behind it and two accidents also southbound 880 at davis street with backups from oakland airport. >> we are back with seven things
6:52 am
to know before you go. first, though, taking you to the fire we have been telling you about with firefighters trying to keep this from spreading. ♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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me too... we're practically twins! pictures from sky 7 of the
6:54 am
firefight tellingen in 10000 block of san leandro in oakland opening up the side of a warehouse now that has been burning for at least an hour. we can see more equipment on the scrap because they have struck a second afour or five but the -- a second alarm but the building is a total loss. >> here are seven things to know before you go, new england is celebrating after winning the 4th super bowl title with a 28-24 win, a comeback win over the seahawks. san mateo's tom brady earned the third super bowl mvp award. >> now the focus is super bowl 50 at levi stadium in santa clara decked out in new signs with details for the experience and some of the other by area events will be unveiled the next two months. >> several hundred workers at the refinery in martinez are on
6:55 am
strike and united style workers union called for a strike at refineries after contract talks breakdown over the weekend and the training is not expected to have a major impact on gas prices. >> the friend of a man accuse, of leaving a dismembers body in a suitcase say police arrested the wrong person and says mark an santa cruz was at the wrong place at the wrong time. a security camera footage shows andrus in the area where the body was dumped last weak. >> another rounds of winter weather is slamming the country and chicago is the bull's i didn't with 20isms of snow at o'hare airport. the storm forced airlines to cancel 2,900 flights. >> fog in the north bay through 11 o'clock and everything will be fine and high clouds and sunshine come -- will dominate our forecast. it is hazy this morning and more so in oakland with the fire and the winds blowing to the northwest. next 12 hours are in the local
6:56 am
60's and warming by noon and low 60's to 70 in the coast inland and we will have a change and 50 degree temperatures mid-to-upper 50's this evening. enjoy. >> san rafael is moving along fine and not so much at the bay bridge toll plaza and we are looking better than normal and it takes 20 minutes from the east bay to san francisco at 15 minutes. in walnut creek southbound loading up at telephone minutes to get you from highway 4 to the 24 junction but if you go from oakland to san jose drove at the city limits southbound 880 a davis, two separate accidents. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices with breaking news on twitter. stay tuned.
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good morning, america. to our viewers out west. victory at the super bowl. >> the new england patriots are the nfl champions. a dramatic win for the patriots. >> intercepted at the goal line! >> and this morning, we're keeping the party going. the biggest moments. the best commercials. >> you don't want to kiss just to make sure. behind the scenes at the hottest parties. we got you covered in our gma super bowl blowout. >> good morning, america. i just won the super bowl whoo! winter whiteout. the hard-hit northeast getting pounded again this morning. boston bracing for another foot of snow. the midw


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